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For those who are interested in China studies, China Geo-Explorer offers a web based spatial data service that allows easy access to a rich collection of unique, authoritative, and comprehensive information from government statistics, population and economic Census, and many other data sources in a spatially integrated system with many powerful functions for exploratory spatial data analysis. Unlike many other GIS systems, China Geo-Explorer is compatible with most web browsers and can be learned by everyone without GIS skills. With this spatial intelligence service, you'll be able to make rapid, accurate spatial decisions with greater confidence for regional planning, business investment, population, housing, environmental assessment, public health and many other spatial applications.

The features of this online service include:
- Efficient data integration for spatial and non-spatial data (custom radii, administrative units, spatial boundaries)
- Quick and accurate location analysis and spatial assessment
- Identify spatial patterns and trends
- Generate time-saving, easy-to-use, and customized reports
- Dynamic charts, tables and maps
- Export to PDF, Excel, Word, or GIS Shape files

The primary GIS data sources include:
- China 2000/2010 Province Population Census Data with GIS Maps
- China 2000/2010 County Population Census Data with GIS Maps
- China 2000/2010 Township Population Census Data with GIS Maps
- China Population GRID Data with Township Boundary Maps
- China Historical County Population Census Data with GIS Maps
- China 1995 Industrial Census Data with ZIP Maps
- China 2001 Basic Unit Census Data with ZIP Maps
- China 2004/2008 Economic Census Data with ZIP Maps
- China Province/City/County Statistical Indicators with Maps

For subscription, please visit The Online China Database Subscription for details or contact China Data Center at or (734)647-9610.

For more information about China Geo-Explorer II, please find an introduction to China Geo-Explorer or User's Guide.

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